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You’re on your way to the airport three hours prior to your flight just to find out when you arrive at the counter that it was canceled or rescheduled. Long check-in lines and massively crowded terminals have benefited private aviation to the point that it’s no longer a service exclusively reserved for the super-rich, but a means of transportation. Commercial aviation’s inability to cover the complete route, making legacy carriers rely on other connecting airlines to take passengers to destination, also elevates the possibility of encountering a new array of miscues. This constant uncertainty hasn’t gone unnoticed for those that value time. Time is the main variable in favor of private aviation when compared to commercial flights. There are no surprises in the process and the time to destination can be calculated impeccably. The flexibility to attend three meetings in one day in different cities and to change itineraries without penalties has made business aviation a necessity rather than a luxury. Maybe you’re organizing a business meeting or a family reunion. Either way, you don’t need to worry about the snoop in the middle seat, screaming kids or chatty flight attendants distracting from the business at hand, even if that business is catching up with family.

With more than 5,000 airports, flexible take-off times, and fewer security hassles, private jets offer tremendous time savings. Imagine walking up to your plane 15 minutes before scheduled take-off or being able to delay take-off because one of your co-workers forgot to set the alarm clock. Whenever, wherever. There are no limitations for doing business in small towns with domestic or regional airports and without commercial connections. Business aviation is not only large jets with luxury interiors, it is a game-changing tool for increasing productivity at many levels in developing and established economies. At the same time, private jets have adapted a bit more dramatically to the changing skies. They’re embracing the start-up culture and technology, giving rise to new players and new business models.

Another aspect of this segment that separates from the likes of commercial aviation is the booking process and the possibility to pay with cryptocurrency, Obtaining the best price for your route in seconds and from a smartphone, choosing diverse and exotic payment methods and departing in just an hour after closing the app, is all possible. The flaws in the commercial aviation experience have helped in a way to demystify the notion of private aviation being solely reserved for celebrities. It’s easy to get tired of reduced cabin space, constant uncertainty, and rigid schedules. That’s why flying private has an increased demand in many countries, with a growing number of providers delivering the service.

Today, private aviation is time-efficiency, comfort, and flexibility; the days where luxury was the primary trait are long gone. It is so easy to bypass all the chaos of a commercial terminal as you glide through your FBO and onto your plane, saving an enormous amount of time and, often, stress. According to the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), the gain per trip made by private aviation averages two hours. Save 2 hours per arrival or departure by flying charter vs. commercial. Save on hotel costs as executives may now return home after their evening meetings. However, the polemics concerning business aviation are numerous and revolve around one grievance: a high priced service.

Many companies calculate the combined hourly cost associated with their executive's time. Losing hours in security, during layovers, even the possibility of overnights to accommodate a multi-city travel schedule equates to lost productivity. Computing the annual compensation of an executive into the value of a single hour of their time can often offset the cost of private aviation. A two, three and even four city itinerary can now be completed in a single day with the flyer returning to their family by the end of the day. Perceived as the symbol of the privileged, business aviation continues to flourish simply because it is also a strategic tool for companies. It provides the most flexible and often the most cost-effective way to travel around the globe.

The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions. What works for one traveler isn’t necessarily right for another traveler, nor should it be. Today more than ever, private aviation is saving travelers time, reducing stress, adding convenience, and providing privacy. Businesses and individuals can now be more productive with the extra hours they save before, during, and after each private flight. Families and friends can leave when they want and spend more time together.

OK, ok, chartering private jets isn’t all about practicality. There is an opportunity to lavish the clients, or even yourself.

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